The Lynnway Mart: Outdoor Flea Market

Outdoor Flea Market - Opens At 7AM!

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The Lynnway Mart is one of the largest outdoor flea markets in New England. We operate year round, with up to 150 vendors on Saturdays and Sundays, year round, weather permitting.

The outdoor flea market opens at 7AM and closes at 5PM.

Our vendors sell all kinds of antiques and goods (both new and used) including books, musical instruments, computers, clothes, electronics, toys, tools, hardware, furniture, knick knacks, TV’s and much more.

And don't forget to stop but our fruit and vegetable market. We have world famous hot dogs, sausage and teriyaki sandwiches for a quick snack in our flea market. There is also an indoor snack bar!

Outdoor Rental Spaces Are Available Starting At Just $40 Per Day for Saturday and Sunday. Call to reserve you space ahead of time. Spaces sell out quickly.

For reservations call: (781) 598-5450

Our Location

800-810 Lynnway
Route 1A
Lynn, Massachusetts
(781) 598-5450

Next to the General Edwards Bridge, North of Boston.
We are just 20 minutes from Downtown Boston!
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